License To Grill

From mouthwatering recipes to expertise in preparing quality BBQ, this show brings out some funky tunes, fast-paced grilling, and an overriding sense of fun!

Rainford has a philosophy when it comes to the barbecue: "It's pretty simple. Just start with the freshest ingredients you can find, and then you've got two choices: long slow cooking over low indirect heat or red hot and smokin' for fast grilling. If you cook low and slow, then you can use all sorts of rubs and smoking agents to infuse the food with a depth of flavour you can't get out of an oven. As for high heat grilling, your barbecue puts out way more heat than your stovetop, so you can get that wonderful charring and searing, just like in a restaurant."

Rob Rainford

Rob Rainford loves to barbeque. “Most Saturday’s you can find me in my backyard grilling or smoking something…on the barbeque that is,” jokes Rob. “I was born in Jamaica and there’s a whole amazing barbeque tradition there. As for Canada, I guess after being buried under snow for 6 months we all just want to get outdoors and party”.

In 1994, Rainford enrolled in culinary school at George Brown College and after completing his formal training, began his professional career at the Kensington Kitchen, then onto Accolade/Crown Plaza. In 1999, he left Accolade and went to Senses to work with Chef Ned Bell. Together they made magic and Robert honed his talent at turning fresh seasonal ingredients into mouthwatering dishes. Working with Ned Bell was great, not only is he an amazing chef but he’s also a good bud. We really stretched our legs at Senses”. Today Robert is a teacher and chef instructor at George Brown College Continuing Education Program and continues to entertain his frequent guest with delicious and creative barbecued meals.